The raw food lifestyle is now more popular than it ever has been before, with more and more people from all walks of life waking up to the obvious health benefits of eliminating processed food from their diet. One of the main reasons people are converting to this way of eating is that the health risks involved with eating “mass produced” meat are increasing every single day, plus the planet is physically incapable of providing a meat-rich diet for more than 7-billion people.

I set myself the goal of pursuing a healthier lifestyle and diet several years ago, as a matter of conscience, with the goal of becoming a raw vegan in the process. Thankfully I’m now at the point where my diet is comprised of large amounts of raw fruits and veggies and nothing else.

When I first started out learning more about a raw food diet I found volumes of information online, but the one guy who made the most sense to me was Dr. Robert Morse. The problem I had though was I had no way of cataloging or searching through his videos for specific information, which is why the search engine was born.

In addition to helping you find the healthy living videos you were looking for, also provides timestamps on these videos which highlight the most important sections of each one, saving you having to watch the entire video to find a single piece of information. You see some of Dr. Morse’s videos are over 3-hours long, so I created timestamps for each video to speed up your personal research.

The overall goal of the site is to make the task of searching through hundreds of hours of videos an absolute breeze for every fan of healthy living and body regeneration.

Vladislav Steklac
Detoxification Specialist – Level I

Dr. Robert Morse timestamps were created by Nichlas Brandon

Note:  We are not directly affiliated with Dr. Robert Morse, his official website is here