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Posted 24 August 2016 - 05:53 PM

My journey to Healing started in the least likely of places, the hospital! After years of poor food choices I found myself at 328 pounds. I was a full time kindergarten teacher and loved doing pottery on the side. While working on the pottery wheel one day I slipped off the barstool and broke the lower part of my spine on the studios concert floor. Without some major weight loss my back was never going to fully heal. I made the decision to travel to Florida and have weight loss surgery by a doctor that was ranked 2nd best in the country.

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One year later I was down to 155 pounds and loved being active! I was in the gym, on my bike, at parks, sky diving, swimming, dancing, loving life! Six months after that, I was dying. I could not stop loosing weight. I was almost 90 pounds and severally malnourished. From that point on I found myself in and out of the hospital for 5 years with multiple problems all caused from a condition the doctors were calling short-gut syndrome. I was told the doctor I had my weight loss surgery with made a major mistake and took far too much intestine from my body. Not only did he take too much but he took the most vital parts and left me with about 120 cm of the ileum. No matter how much I ate, I was starving to death.
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For almost 5 years my body was sent through multiple tests and procedures. I can’t count the surgeries and the amount of times they put me under for one thing or another. I remember one morning being taken into surgery so they could place a new feeding tube into my intestine and waking up from anesthesia screaming. They put me back to sleep and when I woke up a few hours later they had cut my entire abdomen open from breast bone to pelvic area in order to see what was wrong. The surgeon was standing over me patting my shoulder trying to be sweet and said, “Hi sweetheart, I am sorry but you will never be a bikini model now.” Although that was never a dream of mine, it sent tears streaming down my face and my mind curious as to what they had done to me. They found nothing during “emergency” surgery except a poorly placed feeding tube that needed to be adjusted. The majority of my suffering seemed to come from poor decisions and mistakes on behalf of the doctors. It was like everything they did was a learning experience for them. I felt like a skinny lab rat!
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Truth is, I needed to get away and fast! During my first long stay in the hospital I prayed for release and God told me to sit still and close my eyes. He said, “Baby, you will be sick a long time but you will get better. Relax and get to know me because I am going to show you some great things.” It was in the chaos of the hospital, where I learned how to meditate. At the time the Spirit was my teacher and I had no previous knowledge about meditation or out of body traveling. It just happened. In those moments of peace I discovered great things about God, myself, my purpose and I fell in love with all people, even the doctors. When my body hurt, God taught me yoga and when I was bored He made my Bible studies deeper. On any given day you could walk into my hospital room to find me meditating in a corner, reading, laughing with friends, singing or more frequently you would see one of my amazing nurses untangling me out of the IV cords and feeding tubes I had managed to wrap myself up in while I was rear-end up practicing down-dog in my fancy hospital gown. I was healing but it wasn't because of what the doctors were doing.

As the years went by and the treatments weren't working I watched my physical body falling apart. Edema, hair loss, fingernail and toenail loss, eyesight was going, teeth were loose, rashes all over my body, blacking out almost daily, ulcers, internal hemorrhoids, and the list goes on. My belly was so bloated I looked 6 months pregnant most of the time and I was always in pain. I had no idea it was due to the diet they had me one. 12 Hours of high protein Peptamen running through 2 feeding tubes (GI and picc line in my heart), and an all animal product diet where I was expected to reach a goal of 125 grams of protein by mouth every day. It wasn’t until my loving boyfriend, Obi Nwabuko had had enough and sought after holistic and functional medicine doctors that I began to learn how dangerous all this was. I stopped the feeding tubes without telling my doctors and I started to eat as healthy as my brain could wrap around it. For some reason the raw foods made me extremely emotional. I was crying all the time but I was starting to feel better and in 3 months I gained enough weight to have a surgery that gave me 220 cm of small intestine. After that surgery I ran out of the hospital as fast as my feet could take me knowing what really made me better and I have been all but enlightened ever since.

Today I am a perfect weight! I can eat as much raw food as I want and I keep it down beautifully. I am still recovering in some areas, mostly dealing with upper circulation and brain function. A week ago I started 100% raw fruits on account of what I have been learning from this course and as I write this I am in a full out Healing Crisis. I have never been so excited to have a fever and see mucus! I feel the brain fog lifting and I am more awake than I have been in years. Only one week in and everyday is a great adventure!
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I would never wish that path of learning on anyone and because it is my nature to want to pass on wisdom I have decided to make this my life work. Healing, not in the pharmaceutical way but healing the God way! I’ll never forget the first video Obi showed me of Dr.Morse. We both knew he was the man we wanted to study under. Obi even came up with a great name for us, the “Medicine Monks” and we both have similar dreams of starting a home-based or small office practice. I have decided to help people naturally through detoxification while incorporating Yoga, along with my Masters in Biblical Counseling, and license in Massage Therapy. I want to give back to others what I have experienced are the things that gave me back my life and joy. Health is important to me because I know far to well what it is to live a life without it. I am looking forward to learning and building relationships with you all at Dr.Morse office!


Emily Marie


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