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    Johnn Posted 01/17/2017 at 18:32

    Hi Dr. Robert Morse, Can you help me better understand what is the best PH level in general for everybody? I listen to over a dozen videos about how important the PH levels are in your body. One thing all the videos have in common is that they agree the best PH level is 7.4. Which is suppose to be neutral. And by keeping it at this level constantly, your body will not be susceptible to sickness!!! Is this TRUE? Right now I am a fruitarian. However my Level is between 8 and 9. Now is this normal because my body is detoxing? And eventually my PH level will go down. In one of yours videos you said that a good PH level is around 6.0. Now will this level keep you in optimum health in the same way as oppose to if you stay at 7.4? I also have a video for you to watch saying that by keeping your PH levels at this point you can reverse the aging process and even attain Physical Immortality.. Do you feel there is any truth to this? Thank you in advance for any information you can send me. Johnn


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